3 Sep 2021


10 Jul 2021

Our Own Psalmody
Sonic poetry
Hosted by Sandar Tun Tun

5 Jun 2021

Empty Spaces. What are we living for?, 6.2. – 20.2.2021

Laurent Güdel

Vitrine Vernissage
Saturday, 6.2.2021

Vitrine Karaoké
Friday, 12.2.2021
Friday, 19.2.2021


In accordance with the sanitary directives from January 2021, the physical opening of KRONE COURONNE, alongside its first exhibition BIENNOPHONE, have been postponed. In the meantime, the space is inviting local artists, one by one, to take over the two large rooms and the wide-open windows of the empty premises – giving passers-by a look into the space while it remains closed.

The inaugural intervention is dedicated to Biel/Bienne-based artist Laurent Güdel (1984) who presents a site-specific installation titled Empty Spaces. What are we living for?, which is on view from the street and through the arched windows of the space from 6 to 20 February 2021.

In reaction to the current crisis and its consequences for the cultural community, Güdel stages a deserted party, with a soundless DJ set, an abandoned microphone, a rotating disco ball and a silent running karaoke. The elements are there, positioned in the room, awaiting the visitors to return, while reminding us what is currently so missed: music, encounters, embrace and laughter to fill the rooms. It is not time to dance, yet the show must go on.

Photo credits: © Adva Guttel

Known for many years as Alte Krone/Ancienne Couronne, these exhibition rooms are now taking the form of a space for contemporary art with a consolidated programme, that is dedicated to supporting the local art scene and nurturing cultural exchange with artists and cultural practitioners from all corners of the country – and beyond.

Closed for the summer