6 Jun 2024

Vernissage Kunsthalle Bern Mathias C. Pfund et al.

20 Jun 2024

Vernissage HKB CAP Diploma Festival

5 Jul 2024

Vernissage Rachele Monti


Il contorno di un corpo non è il limite, 5.7. – 18.8.2024

Rachele Monti

Fr, 5.7.2024, 18:00

Vitrine show
(no opening hours)

For her solo presentation in KRONE COURONNE, artist Rachele Monti contemplatesthe skin as a place of negotiation between one’s physical self and all that is external; a porous and sensitive surface where one’s identity is being performed. Working from the street into the space and from the space onto the street, the artist uses the vitrine to evoke a sense of boundary - “working on the skin of the room”, as the artist puts it.

Summer exhibition (no opening hours)