28 Oct 2023


10 Nov 2023

Pre-opening for reduced accessibility


Vernissage Sweet Crip


Reading of Flor Méchain and Sam Musy


RADICAL SOURCES, 2.9. – 8.10.2022

Claire Fontaine, Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Laurent Güdel, Jeanne Jacob, Hunter Longe, Lou Masduraud, Sadie Plant, Augustin Rebetez, Jan van Oordt, and a text by Antoine Rubin

Fr, 2.9.2022, 18:00
19:30 Choeur de Biu
21:00 Dj Mandine

23.9 - 8.10.2022
Vernissage: Fr, 23.9.22, 18:00
Proposed by Nicolas Raufaste
Magali Dougoud, Ariane Loze, Erika Nieva da Cunha, Joe la Noïze, Florence Jung

Sa, 8.10.22, 12:00-18:00

In collaboration with La Dépendance, St-Imier

There is a stream that follows the Arc of Jura through St-Imier down to the heart of Biel/Bienne, bringing with it the echoes of a politically engaged culture. Bordering France, the Jura region has hosted libertarian spirits and anarchist watchmakers, as well as the first International anti-authoritarian congress in St-Imier 150 years ago. “Is there something in the waters of the river la Suze, or in the air of St-Imier?” asks author Sadie Plant in a letter exchange with artist Jan van Oordt. What roots underground to emerge in a desire for greater mutuality?

According to French philosopher Catherine Malabou, one of the questions of the political role of art can be traced in the debate between Jean-François Lyotard and Jacques Rancière, who, starting by opposing argumentation, agree that art can be defined as "an anarchist device”. The collective exhibition RADICAL SOURCES takes its source from the history of anarchism in the Jura region and looks at artist practices that crystallise socio-political issues and reflect upon alternatives to current societal structures.

In addition to the exhibition, a video programme proposed by Nicolas Raufaste is presented in the attic floor of KRONE COURONNE. A selection of works by five artists gathered around punk attitude, hydrofeminism, injustice, alternative living and self-criticism.

Exhibition text by Antoine Rubin

Photos: 1-22 © Michal Florence Schorro; 23-25 © Thalles Piaget