6 Jun 2024

Vernissage Kunsthalle Bern Mathias C. Pfund et al.

20 Jun 2024

Vernissage HKB CAP Diploma Festival

5 Jul 2024

Vernissage Rachele Monti


mumbles slide along the sleeve, 8.9. – 28.10.2023

Leolie Greet with Amélie Bodenmann, Anina Müller, Nina Rieben

Fri, 8.9.2023, 18:00
21:00 Dj MÂNAA

Sat, 28.10.2023, 19:00

Bieler artist Leolie Greet’s exhibition is about a moment. The moment when the intention is there but the words are missing; when I want to say something but only a mumble comes out. Scene by scene, Leolie Greet and the artists she invited to contribute to the story unfolding within KRONE COURONNE - Amélie Bodenmann, Anina Müller, Nina Rieben - uncover the potential of the inbetween moment. Interlude, silence, hesitation, suspension.

Opening up to the search for new narratives in our relation to the self and the other, the four artists draw us into moments of uncertainty, ambiguity and transition. Moments of collective (re)formulation of relational structures. It’s about a moment, when the curtain of the stage becomes the protagonist.

Exhibition generously supported by Burgauer Stiftung, Stiftung Edith Maryon and Ursula Wirz Stiftung.

Summer exhibition (no opening hours)