3 May 2024

Performance Ruth Childs & Cécile Bouffard

6 Jun 2024

Vernissage Kunsthalle Bern Mathias C. Pfund

20 Jun 2024

Vernissage HKB Diploma Festival

5 Jul 2024

Vernissage Rachele Monti


SILHOUETTES, 22.7. – 20.8.2022

Marie José Burki, Miriam Cahn, Lilian Frei, Vera Isler, Henri Matisse, Barbara Meyer Cesta, Cyril Porchet, Nicolas Raufaste, Hans Peter von Ah

Works of the collection of the City of Biel/Bienne

Fr, 22.7.2022, 18:00

Displayed in the windows of KRONE COURONNE this summer are figures, bodies, silhouettes, in movement, waiting, gathered, or alone. From abstract representation to accurate expression, the works - all from the collection of the City of Biel/Bienne - weave delicate connections and similarities. The dialogue expands to that of figuration in its broad dimension. Whether formal or hyper-realistic, the representations speak for themselves, agents of their own narratives.

A silhouette is the delineation of a form, its outline, and what it portrays. The silhouette gives visual cues, it is recognisable and emotive. The ones chosen for the exhibition are marked and defined by their medium. They play with the notion of "reproduction", specific to the medium of photography, print, video, painting and sculpture. Framed by a canvas, a screen, or the windows, the works reflect the spectrum of representations, revealing the dichotomy between the "image within" and "the image of".